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Young Yoga classes in Burrough Green Primary School


Young Yoga after school classes

Young Yoga classes in Burrough Green Primary School start on Tuesday 4th February 2020 at 3:35 pm. The classes are designed for children age 6 - 11. Each class will finish at 4:35 pm. 

Class structure

Each class will start with breathing exercises suitable for children. The breathing exercises at the start of each class will help children to understand the power of their breath and they will learn how to use it outside of yoga classes. After breathing exercises children will play warm up games to get ready for more physically demanding exercises. The main part of the class will be dedicated to various yoga poses which will be put together in a sequence to conclude the main section of each yoga class. There will be also lots of yoga games to keep children's interest, keep them engaged and practice the yoga poses. At the end of each class children will stretch and relax.

What do children need to bring to the young yoga classes?

Children will need some drink (sugar free), comfortable clothes to practice yoga poses and do some activities on the floor and yoga/exercise mat. There are a few mats available if a child forgets his/her mat. 

What is the cost of young yoga classes?

The block of 8 young yoga classes is £40 per child. A single young yoga class is £7 per child or £12 per siblings.

How can I pay for the classes?

Please contact Marta at to get payment details