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Fitness Classes


 I had never been in a gym before and a friend had been trying to convince me to come to a body pump class for years. Finally, my friend convinced me to try it just once......and I have been going every week since. I love the class, especially because Marta is such a fabulous teacher. She is fun and encouraging and body pump class has become something that I look forward to every week, despite the sore muscles. Even though the people in our class are at very different levels, ranging from super fit 18 year olds to enthusiastic 70+ year olds, Marta managed to create an inclusive, fun, supportive environment. She is inspirational- both in terms of her fitness and determination, but also her attitude, kindness and joyfulness. 

Elizabeth (in Cambridge

Personal Training


"Marta tailored beautifully the training to meet  my needs. After having a baby I wanted to lose some "baby fat" and get into healthy habits. The PT sessions with Marta were not just about exercise programme. At every session we talked about my eating habits, diets and lifestyle. I can highly recommend Marta." Faize

First Dance Private Sessions


Marta did a brilliant job on the choreography of our wedding First Dance. She devised an imaginative routine to our chosen track that was within our limited capabilities but made us look good, and patiently guided us through it.
As in her classes, her teaching was relaxed and fun, full of her natural charm and lively personality. Philip Gardener