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Personal Training


Free consultation session

The first session with a potential client is free. We meet to discuss lifestyle, health conditions, fitness level, eating habits and much more depending on the client's goals. The free consultation session helps  you and me to decide if we can work together.

What problems can I help you with?

  • Tone and firm your body
  • Low fitness level
  • Low energy level
  • Weight lose
  • Mobility problems
  • Back/knee pain 
  • Balance issues
  • Core mobility
  • Flexibility

What next?

Personal training programme is never the same as everyone has different personal and health needs. Based on the information which you will share with me I will design and discuss with you a training programme. We may use some equipment such as dumbbells, mini bands, tubes, mini ball or spiky ball. I will provide the equipment which you can use between our sessions. 

Where are the personal training sessions held?

The personal training sessions are held in the privacy of your home, garden or outdoor.

What are the costs?

The cost of the personal training programme depends on frequency and length of the training programme. The costs are discussed at the free consultations session.